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FastTek Global's Health Initiative

At FastTek Global, health of our team members is a number one priority. We are different because we care! Our internal team frequently takes breaks in the office to do squats or take a walking meeting around our building. Our record for squats done in one day is 345, squats isn't that impressive! 

FastTek Global's Health Initiative

To promote health and wellness among our team members we starting having some fun with daily squat challenges. We kept track of how many squats we did a day on post-it notes on the wall. Each day we tried to beat our record from the previous day. The most squats we did in one day was 345 and boy were we sore after! 

We also frequently take walking meetings or standing meetings. Not only is this good for our bodies, but it helps keep team members interested, engaged and awake. Did you know walking a half mile will help wake you up more than a cup of coffee? 

To promote mental well-being we frequently have yoga or meditation sessions before work or during they day. We live in a world that is constantly going and it is good to take a moment to relax and clear your brain. We noticed this helped our team members increase both their creativity and productivity. 

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