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FastTek Global's Leadership and Sales Team
Managing Director of India Operations

In 2021, Srini joined Fasttek Global as Managing Director of India Operations, coinciding with Fasttek Global’s operational expansion in the Far East, which established offices in Chennai/Bangalore, India, and in Europe, with an office in London.

After having served as Ford Motor Company’s Strategy head for Asia Pacific 2014-2017 based in Chennai, Srini arrived with significant offshore experience.  As head of the Automotive sector, Srini also built the automotive practice for Satyam (now Tech Mahindra), which grew to US $300m/year. Due to these and further success, Srini was invited to speak at the Wharton School of Business on offshore strategy.

Prior to joining FastTek Global, Srini had worked with Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Logica and was CIO of ReCellular and Active Aero.

Srini’s pride points are – 

  • Building high performance teams
  • Building long standing relationships based on mutual trust
  • Assisting every team member to move towards achieving their true potential
  • Deep understanding of technology to drive significant business value
  • Giving back to the community in terms of helping develop schools in rural India


Srini graduated with Master’s in Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University. Prior to that, Srini moved from IIM Ahmedabad to the US after studying Aircraft Production Engineering, at IIT Madras.

Additionally, Srini has volunteered as Director of Schools for India – a non-profit focused on helping education in rural India, he has served on the Board of Information Technology at Eastern Michigan University, he was a committee member of SIM Detroit Chapter (Society for Information Management) and he has organized many technology events.

Srini currently spends most of his time in India, with home being in Greenville SC. His wife, Tracey, travels back and forth between Greenville and India.