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Information Technology Staffing and Recruiting


Delivering critical talent quickly is in our DNA.

Having the talent to delivery to commitments is a top concern of C suite executives.  As technology evolves at a faster pace, organizations struggle to keep pace with evolving skills.  It is easy for an organization to dream big dreams, but execution often fails due to a talent gaps that need to be addressed. 

FastTek enables organizations to focus on their mission by quickly delivering essential talent.  We accomplish this through several models:

Traditional Contract Staffing – we provide talent a person at a time

Contract-to-hire Staffing– Flexibility and ability to hire our consultants

Direct Hire Services- Total flexibility to meet our clients needs

“Talent Teams” – we provide talent a team at a time

Talent Growth and Diversity Initiatives – Partnering together to grow local diverse talent

Recruiting is at the core of what we do and we do it well from innovative ways to attract and find talent, to in-depth screening of candidates to thorough onboarding procedures to ensure a client’s successful initiative. One of our recruitment pride points is that we are able to deliver talent previously undiscovered in the market because 40% of our hires and placements come from a network built over nearly 20 years not the standard job boards.  This has allowed us to scale emerging talent across high volume Fortune 500 companies.  We have built our network on trust, delivery, industry knowledge and most important top notch treatment of consultants and clients.

  • Traditional Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-hire Services
  • Direct Hire Services
  • Talent Growth and Diversity Initiatives
  • “Talent Teams”

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