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Enabling companies to find thought leaders that drive success.

We explore, discover, co-create, and deliver on your vision through our best practices, past success stories and global expertise.

Our technical solutions will drive cost savings while gaining access to mission critical specialized skills and expertise.  Our solutions will allow you to scale quickly while leveraging flexible engagement models.  We know how to navigate challenges such as multiple vendor management, communication barriers, cultural differences, and potential security and privacy risks. 

Our methods include knowledge transfer, service delivery, performance monitoring, risk management, and relationship management to ensure that engagements are delivered seamlessly.

Our technical focus is on the following areas:

•  Cloud Migration

  • Application Transformation

  • Cloud Security

  • Strategy and Design

•  Technical Debt

  • Application-to-platform

  • Modernization

  • Application sun setting

•  Big Data and Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics and Telematics

  • Embedded devices

  • Predictive modeling

•  Software integration

  • Customer and marketing analytic

•  Big Data and IT Integration

  • Data discovery

  • Privacy and security

  • BI, data mining and monetization


Case Studies


Seamless Migration | Improved Analytics | Customer Insights

(Fortune 25 Global Company)

At a Glance: Our client was seeking a partner to migrate a Market and Sales application to a new cloud environment, adding improved analytics. 

What we did: FastTek was responsible for moving applications to Google Cloud while building and operationalizing measurement frameworks for web properties. The FastTek team monitored and reported on performance on web properties across digital channels including tracking key metrics such as traffic and engagement.  Additionally, our team developed enhancements to marketing engagement metrics on the site and built and maintained performance reports and dashboards using Adobe Analytics.


Innovation | Improved Security | Competitive Advantage

(Fortune 25 Automotive Company)

At a glance: Our large automotive client had a goal of becoming a leader in automotive vehicle and mobility solutions.  Our client needed to quickly develop in- vehicle cybersecurity platforms to gain the upper hand in the market. FastTek Global team forged new innovations to shape the future of product development security for vehicles.

What we did: FastTek Cybersecurity COE ensured systems, features, and components were designed using robust engineering processes including threat analysis, risk assessment, adoption of security requirements, security audits, and vehicle ecosystem assessments. This project resulted in 2x acceleration of time-to- market solutions for in-vehicle mobility platforms. 


Innovation | Improved | Realtime Decision Making

(Fortune 25 Manufacturing Company)

At a Glance: Our large automotive client had a goal of becoming a leader in Industry 4.0 solutions.  Plant environment technology was aging, and data was not readily available in real time for analysis and evaluation. FastTek teams are tasked with developing innovative Proof of Concepts that would enable better insights to plant floor operations.

What we did: The FastTek team researched emerging technologies and i4.0 standards, developed a POC, designed/developed solutions, evaluated effectiveness for scalability, and built business cases for broader solutions.  This resulted in:

  • Cost effective development

  • Proof points for new technology

  • Fast release and quick time to market

  • Scaled solutions that gave immediate results


Integration | Improved Performance | Predictive Analysis  

(Fortune 25 Company)

At a glance: At a large manufacturing client, the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) has brought much more dynamic and complex conditions on the plant floor, making prediction difficult and slow.  FastTek teams are tasked with developing end-to-end Industrial IoT Solutions for several ML products.

What we did: FastTek teams leveraged AI and Machine Learning to integrate OT and IoT environments via Agile framework resulting in reduced cost of prediction and increased accuracy of prediction.

  • Software Integration
  • Technical Debt
  • Cloud Migration
  • Big Data and Analytics and IT Integration

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